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Fiberglass Mesh


Fiberglass mesh We have sourced different kind of fiberglass mesh for outside wall in construction industry.EIFS fiberglass mesh is good materials for Exterior wall thermal insulation and waterproof.

Fiberglass mesh is a neatly woven, crisscross pattern of fiberglass thread that is used to create new products such as tape and filters. When it is used as a filter, it is not uncommon for the manufacturer to spray a PVC coating to make it stronger and last longer. The most common place to find fiberglass mesh is in tape products.

Drywall finishers use the mesh frequently. In fact, it is common to replace the paper tape used to float the joint between two pieces of drywall. The mesh that drywall finishers use comes on a roll just like paper drywall tape. The added benefit for the drywall finisher is to roll out the mesh over a great distance before having to apply the first coat of joint compound. Not only does it help them in this manner, but it also causes a stronger bond between the joint compound, the tape and the wall.

Drywall finishers also use this tape to patch holes. The most common hole in the drywall generally occurs where a doorknob has hit a wall too many times. If it is only slightly damaged, a couple of short pieces of the tape will be formed into a square and placed over the hole. A joint compound will then be applied directly to it. If the hole is too large to patch with fiberglass mesh alone, a piece of metal flashing can be added behind the tape before applying joint compound. Construction work is not the only use for fiberglass mesh.


Mesh Hole/MM Weight/GSM Roll Length/M Roll Width/M Color
2.5*2.5 45 100 1/2 white, yellow, blue
4*4 65/75 100 1/2 white, yellow, blue
5*5 90 100 1/2 white, yellow, blue
5*5 110/120/135 100 1/2 white, yellow, blue