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Fire Fly Company

Trading Company In Russia

I would like to say some words about 360 Sourcing Agent. When we started to work with China there was a question "How to find proper supplier in this big country?" We found the 360 Sourcing Agent and that was good luck for us, because we always got fast answers (almost 24 hours every day), we got all the samples needed, and the main thing: we got very good prices for the items we looked for. This company can communicate by E-mail, WhatsApp, Wechat which is very convenient. Once we had very strict time to complete the order and Cassin did the best to deliver our order on time, and the big event in Moscow was done successfully with the goods we delivered to them. The kids were very happy to get their clothes on the event! 360 Sourcing Agent is very good choice! Mikhail B. General Director Fire Fly Company