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get best price from china, china sourcing agent

how can you get best price when import fromchina

A crazy Man just has his reason But you just don’t know why.

Seem to know everyone hate or at least do not welcome middle man or trader . when you are doing outsourcing from outside. You want to cross trader and contact with manufacturer directly. And expect get best price. Does everything really goes where you want or does you really get what you think ?

When you are sourcing products from direct manufacturer from china. May you image you want to go there and find best one with price and quality.

You do not welcome middle man or trader. You think they are weakening your competitive and cause your cost is high than your competitor.

I do not want to teach or tell you what is right or wrong. I just want to say something up there and it really happen . means, the truth.

Generally, you can choose manufacturer to process your orders and get best price. Where you can google.com it from search engine or B2B like www.alibaba.com , www.hktdc.com . exhibitions. Etc. And manufacturer also think you are direct buyer. They also want to get more benefit from you. If they process orders from local trading company. They think . if price is high. This business is not deal. Unless your order is enough big and can take 50% of all capacity . if you are big enough. Are you really place all orders on one supplier?

This is questions. Meanwhile you need an eyes on their . to let everything goes smooth and well like what you want and under control.

Price, delivery, quality, the all element is still big point when you are sourcing products from outside. Why don’t you ask someone else to handle that and you are fee from it and go back to near your customer and your market to do what you are good at ?

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