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glasses,China Sourcing Agent-Sunglasses

Eyewear ,Sunglasses, optical, reading glasses where the best factories are located in China


Sunglasses you are wearing. Did you really know there is only Ran-Ban or Oakley?

Or you think there only has Luxottica, Essilor, Johnson &Johnson, Safilo

Hoya? Actually, I will tell you there has another kind of company without brand. That is made in China. hundreds of thousands of manufacturers in China. They manufacture every kind of sunglasses, eyewear with local employees with low pay. Generally, These kind of companies has one thing in common, they produce sunglasses with OEM(origin entrusted manufacture) this is what they are good at. Basically, they can do following products like Sunglasses, Eyewear (Optical, Eyeglasses), Reading Glasses, Riding Glasses, Sport Glasses, Swimming Glasses, Ski Goggles , Safety Glasses, Components and Accessories like EVA case, metal case, hand-made case, pouch, cleaning cloth, Hinge, screw, nose pad, tools,

Excuse me, you need special customize products. Okay, send design or original samples. Private label on products, packing and details as well

Sorry, you want to contact with some factories directly ?

Anyway,if you want to peek in local markets or Chinese manufacturers location. You do not want to miss following exhibitions in China


The China international optics fair  CIOF  Beijing


the china (Shanghai) international optics fair


HongKong Optical fair

Also, there has some International Optical Exhibitions

http://www.mido.com/     Mido Eyewear show, Italy

https://www.silmoparis.com/   Silmo Eyewear show, France

http://east.visionexpo.com/  International Vision Expo and Conference in the USA

http://www.vision-x.ae   optical UAE

http://www.ioft.jp/en/   optical Japan

http://www.diops.co.kr/eng/   optical South Korea

Special service for you when you are sourcing sunglasses in China


I am gonna tell you what is special service when you are sourcing sunglasses in China. And why you need this service.

360 sourcing agent service. It is one stop sourcing service solution in China.it can help you find out what you are looking and let that happen. let me introduce it in short. For example, you are looking for sunglasses with normal way

1: you are google suppliers, or B2B platform or exhibitions or associations.whatever it is. You will pay high price and time on this job. Right now I will tell you ZERO cost to source what you are looking for in China.basically, you care about following point when you are sourcing in China. Price, quality, delivery.

Price, you will check all suppliers one by one as more as possible.

Quality, not everyone needs or want to open office in China to run this

Delivery time, basically it holds on the factory. And you are far away from factory. Can not check it anytime.

Do you dream it you need a little help on this? assist you to solve it smoothly with better way.low cost, acceptable quality, delivery time?

I will tell you it shows up right there. The 360 sourcing agent.it can help you to source different made in China with best price and quality, stability delivery time. Here is what can we do for you

1: search suppliers

2: inspect suppliers

3: get quotation

4: make samples

5: follow process of order

6: logistics

It works like you own office but less cost. No deal No pay.

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